What Do the Workshops Cover?

The aim of the workshops is to look at how wellbeing and greater self awareness can reduce stress and anxiety and help attendees improve awareness of their own wellbeing and their individual response to stress and anxiety.  This provides an opportunity for attendees to reduce the occurrence of and better manage symptoms of stress and anxiety and improve their wellbeing.

We look at the wider elements of good mental health and wellbeing and the benefits od incorporating these into our lives.  We  consider when it might be useful to engage in some additional support and what this might look like as work based options and external considerations.

The depth and extent to which these areas are explored depend on the length of the workshop and the full day workshop covers additional considerations.  All workshops have opportunities for self reflection.


Why a Workshop Format?

I believe that workshops are a great interactive way to learn.  Delivering them in the workplace where attendees will be in familiar surroundings with colleagues, offers a more relaxed setting and optomises attendee learning and engagement.  I think this environment also helps encourage talking about mental health and wellbeing more openly within the workplace. 

I invite participation from all employees and feel in person, smaller groups are also more informal, enabling attendees to feel more relaxed and engaged.  However, I NEVER ask attendees to share any personal issues.


Workshop Options

The brief workshop is a very brief overview and looks at attendees' own wellbeing, the role of wellbeing in dealing with stress/anxiety, individual response to stress and anxiety and how to reduce and better manage symptoms.  This workshop lasts 1/1¼ hours.

The half day workshop covers the same areas as the brief workshop and looks at  common, personal traits which can exacerbate or lead to stress/anxiety.  It goes into more depth of how to reduce and better manage symptoms.  This workshop lasts 2½/3 hours.

The full day workshop is CPD Accredited (click here to go to my link on the CPD website) and covers everything in the half day workshop but in a little more depth. It also looks at self care, opening up and barriers to opening up. This workshop lasts 5½/6 hours.

I can, however, adapt and create workshops to suit your business needs.


Arranging a workshop

To enquire about booking a workshop, or if you have any questions, just get in touch via the contact options at the bottom of this page.  You can also find out about my practice by clicking here.