Business Benefits

The wellbeing of your employees can have a significant impact on your business.

Business Wellbeing

Employees are one of, if not the most important asset in any organisation and play an integral role in its success, so it makes sense to look after them - and that includes yourself! Research from Deloitte has revealed that the cost to employers of poor mental health has increased, to up to £56bn in 2020-21 compared to £45bn in 2019.* 

We all find our mental health impacted at times; just as we don't go through life without any physical health issues - even if its just a cold.  Over the past three years, however, we've all been dealing with a lot.  Just as we were emerging from the huge impact of the pandemic, we were thrust straight into headlines of war, then the cost of living crises hit and multiple national strikes - some of which are of course, still ongoing - and on top of that, we have our individual challenges!  Its no wonder many of us are feeling stressed, anxious or despondent!  

As an employer, you can't solve your employees' issues but you can help support their - and your own - mental health and wellbeing.   This can bring huge benefits to both your business and your employees, such as increasing loyalty, productivity, motivation and engagement as well as reducing absence and associated time and costs. 

Wellbeing at Work - Stress and Anxiety

My workshops offer you and your employees, an insight into your individual responses to stress and anxiety and the immportance of wellbeing in dealing with these.  The workshops provide the opportunity to improve wellbeing, better manage symptoms and reduce the occurrence of stress and anxiety.  The workshops can also help your business identify who might benefit from additional support, encourage employees to open up to ask for support, or simply help them manage life now and moving forward.

I focus on stress and anxiety as these are so prevalent in our everyday lives and can impact an employee significantly, not only on a person level but also in their engagement and enjoyment at work.  However, there are other reasons our wellbeing is impacted and I am more than happy to have a chat about any business wellbeing requirements you may have.  Just give me a call on m: 07704 777 881, email me on: or complete the form below.


*These estimates were based on the results of an updated version of Deloitte’s model that calculated the costs of poor employee mental health. Unlike in 2019, this year’s figures include YouGov consumer research.