Founded in the North East to support businesses in the North East and beyond

Who is Aspects Wellbeing?

I'm Louise and the idea of Aspects Wellbeing evolved from working for several years in my profession as a therapist.  I began my training as a psychotherapist in 2013, qualifying as a psychotherapeutic counsellor in 2015.  In 2016 I set up my private practice and in 2019, I achieved my MSc in psychotherapy and qualified as a psychotherapist.  

Why I Founded Aspects Wellbeing?

Over the years, I have worked with a lot of clients experiencing stress and anxiety, both in reducing the occurrence of and better symptom management of these issues, which often impact or arise from the workplace.  Whatever the origin, clients who better understand their personal response to stress, anxiety and wellbeing, are better able to manage and reduce the occurrence and/or symptoms, which of course benefits both work and personal lives.

However, good mental health isn’t just about self understanding and strategies to cope; it’s an holistic approach to how we live our lives, including our wellbeing and self care.  Taking time out to have fun, to socialise and have down time as well as eating well, taking regular exercise, getting good quality sleep, being realistic in our expectations and goals, all have a huge impact on good mental health.  Its also really important to know ourselves and recognise our individuality; one size does not fit all!

With stress and anxiety so familiar in our day to day lives, increasingly, I came to understand the positive impact of wellbeing and began to appreciate the benefits of addressing these within the workplace and so, Aspects Wellbeing came to be.


The vision of Aspects Wellbeing is to encourage open communication around mental health, to develop self awareness and be better able to manage both the day to day and more significant life events, improving and sustaining better mental health.

Values and Beliefs

  • We are all different and that's ok - who wants to be a robot anyway?!
  • Change is possible but not obligatory
  • Compassion is king!

How Does Aspects Wellbeing Support Wellbeing in the Workplace?

Utilizing my experience from my clinical practice, along with knowledge and techniques I have acquired along the way, I deliver a range of workshops delivered in the workplace.  My workshops help you and your employees better understand, improve and maintain good mental health and wellbeing.  Although I focus on stress and anxiety, I offer support in other areas too, so feel free to contact me about any wellbeing issue to see how I may be able to help.

Where is Aspects Wellbeing Based?

Based in Durham, I mainly deliver workshops in the Durham and Newcastle area but if your organization is outside the North East that wouldn't exclude you.  Afterall, mental health and wellbeing isn't location specific!

To enquire about booking a session or to have a chat in more detail about what I can offer your business, just drop me an email or give me a call. You can also find out about my practice by clicking here.