Why Does Wellbeing Matter?

Good mental wellbeing is the foundation for resilience, ability to adapt and deal with life.

Employee Wellbeing

Good wellbeing can result in a range of positive outcomes for employees:

  • improved loyalty, commitment, motivation, productivity, confidence, resilience
  • increased morale, self worth
  • feeling valued and supported
  • It can also improve relationships within the organisation, helping to build a supportive working environment and importantly, reduce staff absenteeism.

Employee absence

Good wellbeing can help reduce employee absence or presenteeism.  Absences for stress and/or anxiety are typically at least two weeks but often longer which can be problematic, for example:

  • arranging external cover which may require support from other employees, taking them away from their work
  • internal cover, which may increase existing workload for employees who may already feel they are working at capacity or be dealing with personal challenges. 
  • financial cost of overtime or temporary staffing costs 
  • Its easy to see the negative impact for everyone concerned!   

Investing in your employees' mental health and wellbeing won't protect them from life but offers them the opportunity to improve their wellbeing, resilience and ability to better cope with life's challenges.  It also illustrates their importance and value to the business and the positive impact of that can be experienced by everyone.  

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